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[cover]Watching Myself Watch My Son (2019)
[Single] This song is from a poem by Holly Mandelkern appearing in her book "Beneath White Stars" (Holocaust Profiles in Poetry), a beautiful work that also includes timelines and brief histories for the periods the poems are written about. I have set the poem to music and there will be at least two more coming, hopefully before the end of the year.
[cover]Live at the Side Door (2013)
Recorded live in April 2013 with Colin Farrell, at the Side Door club of the Palladium in St. Petersburg, Florida.
[cover]Song Brook (2007)
Features a variety of songs and instrumentals. The album runs the gamut from the lively and comedic "Paddy McGinty's Goat", "Bottle O' The Best" and "Whatever You Say, Say Nothing" to the mellow strains of "Nancy Spain" and Anne Lister's beautiful song "Icarus". The CD also features a couple of Nolan originals, "Shady River Road" and an instrumental titled "Twilight."
[cover]Where Do I Go From Here (2003)
Lots of original material on this one.
"Nolan has used his broad knowledge of traditional Irish songs, as well as other kinds of music, to develop into a very fine songwriter, whose work is steeped in the tradition that he's mastered"
     -- Sing Out! Magazine

"A CD which touched my feelings and words which made me think"
     -- Holly Moors, Moors Magazine, The Netherlands
[cover]Familiar Brew (1998)
A mix of some familar traditional songs and some that are lesser-known. Brendan is accompanied by Bobby O'Donovan on a variety of instruments.
"This album has Nolan doing what he does best: singing sweet, dramatic and humorous songs in a rich baritone, as well as playing guitar and banjo ... The arrangements are pretty and unobtrusive, letting the singer communicate the song. And that is the point, isn't it."
     -- Steve Winick, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, Maryland.
[cover]Southern Sunset (1996)
Recorded live at the IRON HORSE, Tarpon Springs, Florida.
CDs are currently out of stock. Available on cassette only
"Traditional songs, cover songs, and original songs. Themes vary from funny to sad, happy and serious..., some of the best live recordings I've ever received."
      -- Eddie Russell, Country Eastern West, Columbus, Texas

"The pub atmosphere is one of relaxed enjoyment that makes it easy to lose yourself in the spirit of this straightforward, gimmick-free Irish experience."
     -- Dirty Linen, Baltimore, Maryland
[cover]Last Night (1994)
This is a recording of Brendan and fiddler Gerry O'Neill's last night at the OLD DUBLIN PUB in Montreal.
This formerly out of print (cassette-only) recording is newly available in CD format.
[cover]Across the Great Divide (1992)
This is an album based mainly on the Immigration theme. It features several original songs including the haunting "Far From Their Home", published in Sing Out! magazine.
"Excellent!! It shouldn't amaze me that those who do their traditional homework always create the best songs, that tell stories and have music that matches the song."
     -- Tor Jonassen, WRDV FM Radio, Delaware Valley>

"Brendan Nolan, an Irish emigrant, can't be chastised for singing only well known songs. Nolan's original songs are a highlight of this album for me. A sweet and powerful voice."
     -- Steve Winick, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, Maryland.
[cover]Tempus Fugitive (1990)
Brendan's first album features mostly traditional songs that he has performed over the years, from the comical Brian O'Linn to the poignant Sally Gardens. The album also features three original tunes.
"I have enjoyed this album so much.... Some debut albums are lacking, but this is pure Nolan pleasure from A to Z, the roots of what he is and what he represents. Entertaining sequence fest of traditional gems and pure voice and production. Highly recommended."
     -- Eddie Russell, Country Eastern West, Columbus, Texas
[cover]Michael Murphy: The Raven Bird (1991)
This is an album of songs by Michael Murphy, an Irishman from Mullingar, County Westmeath.
Michael Murphy was originally from Mullingar, County Westmeath in the midlands of Ireland. He lived in the far north of Canada on Baffin Island for over twenty years, and in Iqualuit before his death. His songs spoke of his love for the land and it's people. There are 11 tracks on this album, 7 of which are sung by Brendan and 4 by Michael himself. Also featured are fiddler Gerry O'Neill and keyboardist Ken Pearson. The album was recorded in Montreal in the early nineties. It is currently available only on cassette. Michael recorded another album of his own songs titled "It's Not Lonely At The Top".

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