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Zuider Zee

[Side Door]

Words and Music: Brendan Graham
Licensed through Harry Fox Agency, New York

I heard Sean Keane sing this song some years ago and was very moved by the beauty of the melody and the lyric.

There is a young girl in old Amsterdam
Who broke out the dancer in me
And for a while she took my hand
We danced over the Zuider Zee
Out over the Zuider Zee
She taught me a lot about reading the signs
She taught me a lot about me
I thought it would last till the end of all time
That dancing like this made you free
Dancing over the Zuider Zee

So dance, dance, dance while you can
Dance over the lowlands with me
Dance, dance, in old Amsterdam
Dance over the Zuider Zee
Out over the Zuider Zee

Now there is a painter in old Amsterdam
Who paints the world as it should be
With his brush and his pallet and the stroke of his hand
But he'll never paint you and paint me
No,he'll never paint you, paint me
So we danced into Rembrandt and into Vermeer
We danced into infinity
We danced along windmills, we danced without feard
And we danced into you and me
Oh, we danced into you and me


Now there is a young man in old Amsterdam
And he's waiting so patiently
And he knows that you know at the end of the dance
You'll go home with him, not with me
For dances must end you see