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The Widow's Walk

[Across The Great Divide]

Words and Music by Brendan Nolan
Ould Segosha Music
Key of C minor/E flat (Capo 3, A minor)

In the summer of 1978 I stayed in a house in Maine that had a widow's walk, a very small room at the top of the house with windows all around. It looked out over the harbour and had a good view of the boats coming in. Years later while thinking about that time this song came to me. The reference to 'Silkie' is a reference to the legend of the seal-people, those who have the power to come on land and live as humans. If they ever decide to return to the sea they revert to their original seal-form forever.

She stood by the window
As the waves crashed the shore
To watch him come home
As he had times before

Carry him home to me
Break the sea down for him
Carry my love home to me

It's late in the year
And the storm winds awaken
To the hardiest of sailors
The sea does not beckon


At their shady cove moorings
The small boats rock gently
Safe from the sea winds
Till the new season's plenty


This room is my refuge
From the toils of the day
It's here I find peace
And it's here I can pray


If the sea take my love
To his rest in the ocean
God make me a silkie
That I could lie with him.