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The Trees Are Growing Bare

(Words and Music: Brendan Nolan)

[Tempus Fugitive]

E minor

This was probably the first song I wrote that I was happy
with. Not that it's a particularly happy song! I suppose a lot of
us start off writing a love song and I was no exception.

There's nothing left to do, nothing left to say
Me mind's all a mess with me true love gone away
Don't I know that I was wrong and to her I have no claim
I know it in me head but my heart won't say the same

Oh, I'll have to get out, I'll have to go away
For the trees are growing bare, the evening's turning gray

There used to be a time, there used to be a place
When the world and all it's charms, ringed the smile upon her face
Well they say that knowledge comes and that wisdom lingers on
But it's little solace to me now that you are gone

In this autumn of the year with the nights a-turning cold
And the colours of the summertime gone or growing old
The leaves swirl in the wind like the thoughts that plague me mind
Of brighter days when we were one in a little space in time

Oh, love can break her bond, love can sail away
On the ship of all my dreams that's gone and lost it's way
But you'll be there as always framed upon my mind
A painting of a beauty, I know I'll never find