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Southern Sunset

[Southern Sunset]  [Side Door]

Words and Music: Brendan Nolan
Ould Segosha Music
Key of D, Capo 2 in key of C

We are lucky to witness some beautiful sunsets on the west coast of Florida. The sky goes wild with different hues of red and orange. As I watched the sun go down one evening on St. Pete Beach I was also thinking of the next morning when it would rise over Dublin Bay.

Now I lay me down in the southern sunset
Where it rests far out to sea
But I know It'll soon be rising
Somewhere close in my memory

Where the dew lies oh so heavy
On her rolling fields of green
And the rivers wind through quilted valleys
Past ancient mountains to the open sea


I have wandered through this country
I have been loved by a woman so sweet
I've been lucky, I done what I wanted
But there's been something forever lost to me


When you return, you are a stranger
In the places you knew so well
For just like you, the years have wandered
And they have a tale of their own to tell