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Shady River Road

(Words and music Brendan Nolan, Ould Segosha Music)

[Song Brook]

Key of C (Capo 5, Key of G)

Shady river is anywhere you care to go to find some peace and tranquility. I was probably thinking of a place in Florida where I live. The state has so many beautiful rivers with lovely names like Appalachicola, Suwannee, Ichetucknee, and simply the Peace River.

Take a walk down by Shady River
Take a stroll down that lazy road
Take a walk down by Shady River
Lose your troubles and your heavy load

You've been worrying for a long time
Over things you've no control
Open the door, let in the sunshine,
Feel it warm you body and soul
And take a walk down by Shady river road.

There's no highway near the Shady River
Just the sound of the wind through the Cypress trees
Old heron wading in her shiny waters
Looking for his supper among the reeds
That old river has all he'll ever need

Shady River's been here forever
Keep flowing free when I'm gone
Just sit you down by the peaceful waters
Take a listen as they ripple along
And find yourself once more in the river's song