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Rolling Home

[Side Door]


I first heard this song in the mid-80's on CBC Radio in Canada. Scottish singer Archie Fisher performed it at the Owen Sound festival in Ontario. He mentioned that there were other versions, some from other countries. I love a good chorus song and it's great to hear the audience singing along on this one.

Rolling home, rolling home
Rolling home across the sea
Rolling home to Caledonia
Rolling home, dear land to thee

'Round Cape Horn one frosty morning
And our sails were full of snow
Heave her to and with a will boys
Swing her out and let her go

Call all hands to man the capstan
See the cables running clear
Heave her to and turn the winch boys
Clear the decks and clear the gear

And fare thee well you Spanish ladies
For we now must bid adieu
Happy times we spent together
Happy times we spent till few

Onward eastward, ever eastward
To the rising of the sun
Homeward ever, ever homeward
To the land where I was born

Many thousand miles behind us
Many thousand miles before
And our sweethearts will be waiting
On that well remembered shore