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The Hills Of Old Vermont

(Words and Music: Brendan Nolan; Produced and arranged by Brendan Nolan)


Key of E; Guitar: Capo 2nd fret, Key of D - Tuning: Drop D (EBGDAD)

One of the things that I do miss about living in Canada and being close to the northern states is the change of seasons. Although spring is short, it is very welcome after the long winter. Summer is warm but usually bearable. But nature saves the best till last. The Autumn colours are something to behold.

Montreal in the distance
As the Miles slip away
Heading south to the border
On a cold winter’s day
Past St. Jean, through the farmlands
Lying dormant till the Spring
Christmas now has come and gone
And those blues they settle in

On a patch of brown a deer is grazing
Only her movement makes you see
Slow down but she runs for cover
To the shelter of some friendly trees
In the gray snow clouds are gathering
Salut Quebec pour un bout’d temp
And the land begins to rise
To the hills of old Vermont

I have come this road so often
Seen the changes in the sky
Felt the sweet breadth of Spring-time
Watched the snowbirds wave good-bye
And it seems I too keep leaving
Never find the home I want
And it all seems so contented
Here in the hills of old Vermont

Loud voices in the bar-room
The song is lost in the smokey air
Conversation just means little
You nod your head at words that you don’t hear
In the north the winter whispers
Another year will soon be gone
And I’ll miss those changing seasons
In the hills of old Vermont

Montreal in the distance
As the miles slip away............

Salut Quebec pour un bout’d temps: Goodbye Quebec for a while
(Merci, Maureen!)