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Nil 'Na Lá

(Traditional; fiddle part arranged and adapted by Jonathan Moorman)

[Song Brook]

Key of E (Capo 2, Open D - DAF#DAD)

Nil 'Na Lá means "Daybreak Has Not Yet Come." It seems the fellow in this song just does not want the night to end. Most of the verses are translated in the recorded version. I've also included the first two which are not. Please note it does not actually say 'The Dublin Pub' in the Irish version. I just threw that in. I believe that would be translated as "Teach an ól Baile Átha Cliath.".

Tá na caoirigh ag ithe an gheamhair
Tá na gamhna ag ól an bhainne
Prátaí síos gan díolachán
's duine gan mheabhair na raghfá abhaile

(The sheep are eating the corn
The calves are drinking the milk
The potatoes they are unsold
You madman, will you not go home!)

Is deas an bhean i Siobhán óg
Gúna nua uirthí aníos ón siopa
Is breathnaím ar mo ghiní óir
'S i a' rince ar an mbord leis an phoc ar buile

(Siobhan is a nice young girl
In her new dress down from the shop
I gaze at my golden guinea
And it spinning on the table
While I get angry)

Curfa (Chorus)
Nil 'na lá, tá 'na lá
Nil 'na lá, tá ar maidin
NIl 'na lá, tá 'na lá
Bean a rá, is i ar fhaga

Don't send me out into the dark
The night is cold and I'll be perished
But come to bed with me awhile
And we'll be warm beneath the blankets

Buailim suas, buailim síos
Buailim cleamhan ar bhean a leanna
Cuirim giní óir ar an mbord
Is bím ag ál anseo go maidin

I go up and I go down
I've a rendevous with the tavern lady
I put a guinea on the table
And I drink me fill until the morning

Tá mo bhróga I dtigh an óil
Tá mo stocaí I dtigh á leanna
Tá na coiligh go léir ag glaoch
Is b'éigean domsa dhul abhaile


I left my shoes in the pub
I left my stockings there as well
The cocks have all begun to crow
And it's time for me to head on homewards