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The Lark In The Morning

(Traditional: Arranged by Brendan Nolan, Gerry O'Neill and Toby Kinsella)

[Tempus Fugitive]

Key of E minor

Another song probably culled from different sources. I know Jim Mc Cann used to sing it, and also Paddy Reilly. I can't remember where I finally got the words. Although it has been sung by many Irish singers. It is probably a traditional English song. We had a lot of fun recording this in the studio with myself and Gerry O'Neill, and our late pal Toby Kinsella on whistle. Good times indeed.

Oh, the lark in the morning she rises off her next
She goes off in the air with the jewel on her breast
And like the jolly ploughboy, she whistles and she sings
She goes home in the evening with the jewel on her wing

Roger the ploughboy, he is a dashing blade
He goes whistling and singing, all through the leafy
He met with dark-eyed Susan, she's handsome I declare
She's far more enticing than the birds all in the air

As they were riding home from the fair all in the town
The meadows they were mowed, and the heather was cut down
Twas there that they tumble all in the new mown hay
Saying, "take me now or never, this bonny young lass did say"

When twenty long weeks they were over and had passed
Her mother asked the reason why she'd thickened 'round the waist
It was the handsome ploughboy this bonny young lass did say
For he caused me for to tumble all in the new mown hay

Here's a health to the ploughboy wherever you may be
Would you like to have a bonny lass sittin' on your knee
With a pint of good strong porter you'll make the rafters ring
And she'll make the ploughboy happier than a prince or a king