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The Hills of Isle au Haut

[Side Door]

Words and Music: Gordon Bok
Timberhead Music

I love the feeling of freedom in this song. I first heard it on a Makem and Clancy album over 25 years ago.

It's away unto the westward
there's a place a man should go
Where the fishing's always easy
And they've got no ice or snow

But I'll haul down the sail
Where the bays come together
Bide away the days
On the hills of Isle au Haut

The Plymouth girls are fine
They put their hearts in your hand
And the Plymouth lads are able
First class sailors every man

The trouble with old Martin
You don't try her in the trawler
For those Bay of Biscay swells
They'd roll your head from off your shoulders

The winters drive you crazy
And the fishing's hard and slow
You're a damn fool if you stay
But there's no better place to go