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(Words and music Anne Lister)

[Song Brook]

Key of B (Capo 4, Open G tuning, DBGDGD)

I first heard the great Archie Fisher sing this song in a concert taped by the CBC in Canada. It moved me very much even though I wasn't sure what it was about. I mistakenly thought that Icarus, of Greek mythology fame, had built the wings of wax. They were ultimately his undoing when he flew too close to the sun. However, as was pointed out to me by a lady in Montreal, it was his father Deadalus who had built them and warned him about the sun. Whether this is all a metaphor for a more up to date activity such as hang-gliding I can't say for sure. It could simply be about a person who attempts something that we would be afraid to try ourselves.

I never wanted to fly high
I was too fond of walking
So when you said you'd reach the sky
I thought it was just your way of talking
But you said you'd build some wings
You'd thought out how it could be done
But I was doubtful of everything
I never thought you'd reach the sun

And you were so clever with your hands
I'd watch you for hours
With your glue and rubber bands
The feathers and the lace and the flowers
And the finished wings they shone so bright
Like some bright bird of glory
Began to envy you your flight
Like an old hero's story

And you asked me to go with you
Tried always to dare me
But I looked at the sky so blue
And I said that the height would scare me
But I carried your wings for you
Up the path, to the cliff face
Kissed you goodbye and watched your eyes
Already bright with sunlight

It was so grand at the start
To watch you soaring higher
It was a pain deep in my heart
The wings seemed tipped with fire
Like a seagull or a lark
Rising to heaven
Or like some ember or some spark
That vanished from earth forever

And I believed you'd reach the sun
I believed all that you told me
You'd do a thing no one had ever done
And catch a star to please me
But then I saw the white wings fold
Saw the feathers tremble
And watched you drop like a ball of gold
Into the wide blue water

There are some who are born to rise
And some are born to follow
Some reach for the skies
And some walk in the hollow
And as I watched your body fall
I knew really you had won
For your grave was not the earth
But the reflection of the sun

I never wanted to fly high ...