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Hawg Dawg

(Words and Music: Brendan Nolan; Produced by Brendan Nolan)


Key of D; Guitar: Capo 2nd fret, C

This is very much a true story of what happened a few years back on Highway 95 between the Florida border and Brunswick, Georgia. We have taken to keeping a leash in the car. It was not the first time a situation like this had occurred.

Heading up the highway
To old Savannah town
Passing through the marshlands
Where they say strange things abound
Evening’s coming on
And a mist begins to rise
But it’s good to be on the road
It’s good to be alive
Passing the county line
There’s a trucker up ahead
Probably dreaming of some truck stop
Where he can get to bed
But now he’s burning rubber
And his rig sways to and fro
Did he fall asleep behind the wheel
Is that trucker about to go

Old Hawg Dawg
You’re just lucky to be alive
You nearly went to canine heaven
Out there on highway 95
And I still don’t know
How that trucker swerved away
And let that dog live till another day

Well it all went by so fast
But that rig never shed it’s load
And the driver needed all he had
Just to keep her on the road
He headed on up the highway
But his good deed it was done
For in the middle of the road sat a big old dog
Wondering where the heck he’d gone
We pulled off of the highway
And tried to coax him to the side
He didn’t seem to know what he wanted to do
But a bus was on the rise
He was trying to see what I had in my hand
Some cookies we had found
So slowly he walked over to me
As that bus was bearing down


Maybe someone missed him
But they’d be hard to find
He didn’t have no collar around his neck
And we were tight for time
We headed to the nearest town
To the SPCA
But they didn’t seem to have one
So we stopped at the Fire Brigade
It was a slow day at the station
They all came to say hello
And we told that dog’s story
How he dodged a bullet out on the road
The Chief said, “He’s a Hawg Dawg,
No one’s looking for him at all
You can’t hunt wild pigs in the state of Georgia
Cause it’s against the law”


There’s a happy ending to this tale
I’m really glad to say
The Chief said, “I’ll adopt him,
I think it’s his lucky day
I like to hunt within the law
And this dog looks good to me
And he’ll look even better when I give him a bath
And kill those ticks and fleas”
On our way back from Savannah
Thought we’d stop there once again
The Chief and the dog are doing fine
And fast becoming friends
But give a hand to that trucker
And the good heart that he showed
He put his life in danger
To save a creature out on the road

Hawg Dawg: Dog used for hunting wild pigs.