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If I Had a Garden

[Side Door]

Words and Music: Brendan Nolan
Ould Segosha Music

I started writing this song back in the late nineties but it would never come out right. I resurrected it a few years back and it finally got re-written inside a half-hour or so. I love when that happens!

If I had a garden, I'd tend it for you
With wild birds singing as the day starts anew
For all of your beauty and the tender things you do
This would be my gift to you

The first time I saw you I felt you were the one
Your hand fit so easily in the palm of my own
And when we'd walk together I knew I'd never be alone
You are the light that brought me home

There was soft grass on the mountain as you lay by my side
The sun smiling down and cloud shapes rolling by
And when I turned to kiss you and gazed into your eyes
I left my old life behind

Of all of the flowers that bloom out in the wild
When Spring calls again and days turn so mild
It's the lily of the valley always brings a smile
The flower you wore as you came down the aisle