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The Bob Dylan Song

(Eric Bogle)

[Southern Sunset]

Key of D

When I was nineteen I was young, I was keen
I had only one burning ambition
To be a folk-singer, a dope-smoking swinger
Singing songs that were based on tradition
So I bought a guitar and I practiced real hard
I wasn't much good but I was willing
Till to my chagrin my girlfriend walked in
And she asked, "can you sing any Bob Dylan"

I said, "No, no, a thousand times no
I'd rather see my life's blood spilling
I'll sing anything, even God Save The Queen
But I just won't sing any Bob Dylan"

So with my guitar I traveled real far
Trying to gain recognition
I sung me songs all over, from Glasgow to Dover
In pubs, clubs and in seamen's missions
I've traveled the road now for seven long years
The pace sure it was killing
And everywhere that I went from Dublin to Kent
They asked, "can ye sing some Bob Dylan"

Ever since then, again and again
I get asked this same bloody question
And I always reply in my own quiet way
With a totally indecent suggestion
But the last straw came one night at the Holiday Inn
I had a young girl and she was willing
So I unzipped her dress, she said, "I'll say yes
If you only will sing some Bob Dylan!"

I said, no!, a thousand times........ etc

Well now my friends, that was the end
Of all my traditional aspirations
Cause if being a folkie means losing your nookie
There's one way to end the frustration
So the next time I appeared at the Old Dublin Pub
The audience as usual were willing
I took me coat and I ruptured me throat
And I started to sing like Bob Dylan

.......... Do your best imitation of a well-known Bob Dylan song..........

Well the audience went wild
Every man woman and child
And they clapped till their raw hands were
And they said that, so to speak, my style was unique
And it was just what the folk scene was needing
So all you young folkies who can bash out a song
If you want to obtain the top billing
You'll murder all the pros, just sing through your nose
And then you'll sound just like Bob Dylan!