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Dublin Bay / Gerry's Jig

[Across The Great Divide]

Words and Music: Stephen Fearing (Mummy Dust Music)
Gerry's Jig: Gerry O'Neill (Gerryman's Music)
Key of B minor/ D (Capo 2, A Minor)

Stephen Fearing from Vancouver writes about part of his formative years spent growing up on the north side of Dublin. I liked the song from the moment I heard it on his wonderful debut album. Gerry's Jig, written by my ex-musical partner Gerry O'Neill, adds a wee touch of magic.

I'm going away to leave the misty mountains in the rain
I crossed the great divide and now I'm crossing back again
I'm going to where the sun tempts the gold into the grain
And the fields of waving wheat go on forever

And the future it's as big and as wide as Dublin Bay
With the foghorns cutting like the scythe upon the hay
And the months will pass you by
until the stroke of New Year's Day
And they all will leave a mark upon your life

When I was just a young lad at the age of seventeen
I left my home in Dublin for to find and catch a dream
And there's many a time I wondered if I weren't completely mad
But I'd never trade my like for any other


So come here to me good people and I'd have you hear my tale
For the times we spend together here they age like rusty nails
But there's something that I'd like to say before the evening's through
May your hearts all laugh a plenty and may God be good to you!