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Cabin Fever

(Words and Music: Brendan Nolan; Produced by Brendan Nolan)


Key of G

This song came about mainly because I was playing at a Bluegrass Festival in Polk City, Fla. I wanted to write something that had at least a hint of Bluegrass. The Prairie referred to in the last verse is Paines Prairie,between Micanopy and Gainesville in north-central Florida. It is a wildlife preserve with a large population of alligators.

Driving down the road in the morning
Ain’t too sure where I’m going
Just hop in the car and keep driving
Hoping that it takes me out of here
This old cabin fever’s getting to me
The walls are closing in
And the dog is looking through me
It’s like a damp air that seeps into my bones
And I just gotta get somewhere out of here

Drive like you’re running away
Till there ain’t no sun to light the day
Then feed your body, rest your brain
And it’s back to the highway once again

I’m out here not five miles from my home
And there’s truckers and the yuppies on the phone
We’re creeping and a-crawling all the way
Seems like the snowbirds all arrived just yesterday
Well is there anyone driving that big Oldsmobile
I mean, I think I see a head
And maybe two hands on the wheel
And where he’s going
Seems like he ain’t got a clue
Probably here cause he’s got cabin fever too


Well here I am on old 41
Driving along with the setting sun
It was highway overload at Micanopy
And it’s time for a visit to the Prairie
That’s the wet one
Where the alligators play
And now they’re eyeballing me
As the special of the day
But I’ve got me some other fish to fry
So it’s back to the highway
See ya gators, gotta fly (bye now!)