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All I Remember

[Across The Great Divide]

Words and Music: Mick Hanly
WEA Ireland

Key of D: Capo 2 C

When I heard Mick Hanly's song for the first time there were parts of it that reminded me of my own school-days and the influence the church had on our lives when growing up in Ireland in the sixties and early seventies. As for the reference to the Christian Brothers I have to say I was only ever taught by one Brother. He taught us for two years and I remember him as a decent individual who didn't let the leather fly at the slightest opportunity. And one of the best parts of Brother Heaney's class was the singing!

I was raised on the rockin' horse, sweets and bualadh bos
Fifty wild boys to a room
Sing lámh, lámh eile, the dish ran away with the spoon
Black shoes and stockings for those who say, "don't"
Blue is the colour outside
God made the world, the snake tempted Eve and she died
Wild Christian brothers sharpening their leathers
Learn it by heart that's the rule
All I remember is dreading September and school

And they made me for better or worse
The fool that I am or the wise man I'll be
They gave me their blessings or curse
It wasn't their fault, it was me
Not the one that you see

The priest in confession condemns my obsession
With thoughts that I do not invite
I mumble and stutter, he slams the shutter
Stainless as steel, Lord you know how I feel
Someone shoot me while my soul it is clear
I don't think I'll last
But my vow to abstain was sincere
Arch-confraternity men to the fight
Raise up your banners on high
Searching for grace
Securing my place when I die

God he kept a very close eye on me
Stared from his frame
In the night-time he spied on me
Found me in the long grass
So often he died on me

Ballrooms of romance in Salthill and Mallow
I stood like John Wayne by the wall
Lined up like cattle, we wait to do battle
And fall!
You can't wine and dine her in an old Morris Minor
But ask her before it's too late
I stood on girl's toes
And accepted rejection as my fate
Drink was my savior, it made me much braver
But I couldn't hold it too well
I slipped on the porch
It ruined my approach when I fell


bualadh bos: applause
lámh: hand
lámh eile: other hand